Get to know us

Ricky (23) and Brianna (25) - we are two friends who share a deep passion for cars, self-development, and business. It all started when we used to work together and realized that we had a common dream: to create something extraordinary that would make a positive impact on people's lives.

Driven by our love for cars and the desire to help others, we decided to combine our skills and expertise to create the ultimate mobile detailing service. Our mission is simple: to make your car look and feel as good as new while providing a seamless, convenient, and top-notch customer experience.

Our mission

Business Savvy: Beyond our passion for cars, we have a knack for running a successful business. We're not just here to clean cars; we're here to build meaningful relationships with our clients and create a community of satisfied car enthusiasts.

Organized Cleaning with the Best Products: Our top priority is making your car look and feel immaculate. We use only the highest quality, eco-friendly products that not only protect your car's finish but also contribute to a sustainable environment. We believe that organized and efficient cleaning is the key to unlocking your car's true potential.

Our vision

Passion for Cars: We eat, sleep, and breathe cars! Our love for automobiles fuels our dedication to provide the best care for your prized possession. We understand that your car is not just a means of transportation, but an extension of your personality and style.

Commitment to Self-Development: As individuals, we believe in continuous growth and improvement. We constantly educate ourselves on the latest car detailing techniques, industry trends, and products to ensure that we deliver unmatched service to our valued customers.

Whether you need a regular maintenance detailing, a special occasion spruce-up, or a full transformation, Brick's Mobile Detailing is the team you can trust.

We're not just another detailing service - we're a dynamic duo on a mission to elevate your car care experience. So, put your trust in us, and we promise to deliver unmatched results that will have you falling in love with your car all over again!

Contact us today for a detailing experience like no other. Let's bring the shine back to your ride!

woman wearing black scoop-neck long-sleeved shirt
woman wearing black scoop-neck long-sleeved shirt
Esther Bryce

Founder / Interior designer

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woman in black blazer with brown hair
Lianne Wilson